General Cable presents its series of shipboard energy, control and instrumentation cables for fixed installations on vessels and oil rigs. The safety of people and equipment is a priority consideration in the design and construction of Exzhhellent-606 cables. They are made from zero-halogen compounds with a low-acidity and corrosivity of gases evolved and a low opacity of fumes evolved during combustion, in accordance with the corresponding IEC standards. They therefore allow for quick, safe evacuation in the event of fire. The cables are designed to comply with the strictest nonfire propagation standards and prevent the generation of secondary seats of fire even in circumstances of high cable concentration in unfavourable conditions. There are also "fire-resistant” designs that feature not only the above properties, but are also able to continue providing service even when directly affected by fire. Their use in safety services enables the services to continue working even in situations of fire. Reinforced cables feature standard tinned copper braiding that provides good mechanical protection and may also be used in specific applications such as shielding. Exzhellent-606 cables may be used in extreme climates, principally because of their resistance to very low temperatures. Offshore cables also include specific designs for energy cables used in low-voltage circuits with variable frequency drives (VFD). The cables described in this catalogue have been designed in accordance with the following standards and specifications.


General Cable presents its Exzhellent-Mar series of marine cables, which are built in accordance with current IEC standards for installation in power distribution and control circuits and signals in fixed installations on vessels. As an innovation in this sector, General Cable presents its exclusive series of cables for fixed installations with flexible, sector-shaped copper conductors in sections of 50 mm2 or larger, to facilitate laying and installation in shorter times and to save on occupied space. Such constructions allow for reductions in finished cable diameter, as they minimise interstitial space between conductors and thus prompt savings in space and weight. The use of flexible, sector-shaped conductors does not require any changes in connection work as they allow the use of the same terminals as those used for circular conductors. All the armoured cables, likewise, have an extruded inner sheath to ensure a perfect gland seal in accordance with the new IEC recommendations for the installation of cables in hazardous environments. This catalogue also features the series of cables specifically designed not only for low-voltage but also medium- voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) power cables. The safety of people and equipment is a key consideration in the design and construction of Exzhellent-Mar cables. The polymer compounds used in their manufacture are halogen-free, and give off low opaque smoke and acid gas emissions in accordance with the relevant IEC standards. Exzhellent-Mar may therefore be used in critical equipment zones or in the crew’s quarters, where a view of escape routes and low gas toxicity levels allow for quick, safe evacuation. The cables are also designed to comply with strict non-fire propagation standards, which simulate fire conditions, similar to those that might arise in real life in vessel construction, through the use of large bundles of cables and, therefore, inflammable material. These standards are established to prevent a fire spreading along the cables. The cables are also available with fire-resistant designs featuring the properties mentioned above plus the capacity to remain in service even in the event of fire, an aspect which enables emergency equipment, PA and safety, etc. circuits to continue working. Exzhellent-Mar cables may be used in extreme climates, as demonstrated in their compliance with the requisites of the CSA 22.2 standard involving the cold bending test at -40 oC and the impact test at -35 oC. The armoured cables feature standard bare copper braid that provides good mechanical protection and may also be used in specific applications such as screening.


IEEE Specification General Cable’s extensive range of products lead with one-of-a-kind solutions like IEEE 1580 Type P MOR® Polyrad® mud oil-resistant, flexible signal, control and low-voltage cables for oil and gas drilling platforms, ships and FPSOs, as well as land-based drilling rig installations. CCW® Continuously Corrugated Welded products are used in hazardous locations requiring cables that are impervious to gas, liquids and vapors and terminated with explosion-proof glands to electrical equipment. CCW cable is a staple in onshore and offshore production platforms. General Cable has developed a complete line of IEEE 1580 Type E MV-RIG® cables, engineered to meet the industry demands for greater medium-voltage power generation and distribution in the onshore and offshore environments.